Do you deliver to my area? Mr Perkins currently delivers to postcodes within NSW, ACT and the VIC. To confirm you are within our delivery area, simply enter your postcode at checkout. See below for our delivery schedules and required lead times.

Can you deliver to my home, apartment, workplace? We deliver to all physical addresses, however we are unable to deliver to PO Boxes. Please make sure you include a business name if it is a business address you would like us to deliver to.

How will my delivery be packaged, is it insulated? Your fresh goodness pouches will be delivered under temperature control (chilled), inside an insulated box. To ensure optimum freshness, it’s important that you refrigerate as soon as possible – so please make sure someone is available to accept your delivery on the delivery schedule available for your area.

Can I change or update my order? It’s best to get in touch with us by email to see if changes are possible. We’ll do our best to make the changes if your order hasn’t already been dispatched.



Sunday- WEEKLY – Delivered between 1pm -4pm


Sunday- WEEKLY – Delivered between 7pm -9pm

Monday – WEEKLY – Delivered between 5am -9am


Monday- WEEKLY – Delivered between 6am -9am

Tuesday – WEEKLY – Delivered between 5am -9am

Thursday – WEEKLY – Delivered between 5am -9am


Please note that if your product is not physically handed to you on delivery, it will be left at the front door unless special instructions have been given. Mr Perkins is not responsible for lost or stolen product, or for products that have been left un-refrigerated for an extended period of time, so please make sure you remember your scheduled delivery date and time.


Can I freeze my goodness pouches? Yes, we have specifically designed our packaging with this in mind! Although we never freeze our goodness pouches before they arrive at your doorstep, if you don’t think you’ll consume within the ‘best before date’ stamped on the back of each pouch, you can freeze for up to 6 months!

Are all the recipes freezable? Yes! However, due to the avarying ingredients between each recipe, some may not return to their original consistency once heated after being frozen. Please drop us a line at to learn more about which products are best NOT to freeze.