3 October 2017

Top 5 Benefits of Souping (even in summer!)

No one likes the side effects of extreme crash diets that have you feeling tired, irritable and HANGRY! (hungry + angry).

The souping revolution changes the way you look at food – fuelling your body with natural goodness that converts to real, sustainable energy.

Hang on…
As the weather heats up, the last thing you want to eat is SOUP, right?
We hear you.
What if that soup, was the magical solution to shrinking those winter love handles AND doubling your energy this Summer?
Heck yeah! Show me the SOUP!
These are our ‘Top 5 Benefits of Souping’:

1. Abundant Energy
Mr Perkins Soup is loaded with local produce, including fresh vegetables. Beauties, such as kale, cauliflower, buck choy, broccoli, brussels sprouts and turnips are high in fibre (Cruciferous Vegetables and Cancer Prevention, n.d.). This means you will experience increased energy and feel fuller for longer.
And, we all know that when we are feeling full, we are less likely to snack on those not-so-healthy treats.
2. Your Organs Will Love You
Drinking a dose of Mr Perkins Soup, is like giving your organs a big hug. Super gentle on your digestive system, soup is the perfect way to include valuable nutrients into your diet.
If your system has been feeling sluggish, adding fiber to your diet can relieve constipation and regulate your bowel movements (Rough Up Your Diet, n.d.).
3. Prevent Big & Small Diseases
There is nothing better than settling in for an early night with a big bowl of Chicken Soup when you are feeling under the weather. Truth be told, chicken soup contains an amino acid that resembles a pharmacological agent that is often prescribed for bronchitis. (Why Soup Is More than Just a Great Meal for the Winter Season, n.d.).
But that’s not all. Souping aids in building a strong immune system by cleaning your gut (Santos, 2016) . Studies also suggest that high-fiber diets might also help to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer (Rough Up Your Diet, n.d.). It’s tasting better, already!
4. Incredible Skin Glow (Without Being Pregnant!)
Whether you’re a babe or a beau, reap the benefits of ‘pregnant-lady skin’, just by slurping your solution – soups rich in bone broth!
Julia March, a beauty therapist to Hollywood Celebrities, swears by a concoction of broth made from the bones of a beef joint or leg of lamb. She recommends that her clients drink up to three cups a day to repair, strengthen and rejuvenate skin (Freeman, 2014).
5. Beat The Bulge
An added benefit of souping can be weight loss. According to the National Institute of Health, some studies suggest that high-fiber diets might help with weight loss (Rough Up Your Diet, n.d.).

Dietitian, Despina Hyde, from the NYU Langone Medical Center, reminds us that, “Soup cleanses are inherently lower in sugar over all because they’re using more vegetables and complex carbohydrates verses fruit” (Felder, n.d.).

Want to get your mitts on some of our bottles goodness-to-go?

Sure you do.

Embracing a healthy lifestyle, amidst the haste of the daily grind is not only possible – it’s easy! Thanks to the team at Mr Perkins, including resident nutritionist, Jess Rutledge [from the Greenery Clinic], the hard work is already done for you.

Check out our full range of delicious goodness packs by heading to our SHOP page, online. We’ll deliver your fresh soup, broth or cleanse pack to your door or your desk. It’s that simple!

What are YOUR favourite soup recipes or flavour combinations? We would love to hear your ideas! Drop us a line at 

21 June 2017


Head chef – David Lee

David Lee creates nutritious menus filled with big, bold flavours.

For Bondi bodies? It’s only natural…

Mr Perkins.

One of David’s happiest childhood memories is climbing the mango tree in his summer garden – and the sticky sweetness of his favourite fresh fruit.

Today, that love of real ingredients, combined with 16 years of hands-on chef experience brings market-fresh, seasonal produce to the table. Ingredients to nourish your body and big, bold flavours that makes you feel good.

Soups made with love – to warm the heart and the soul.

Speciality porridges designed to tantalise your taste buds.

David’s collaboration with nutrition expert Jess Rutledge offers a menu that merges nutritional needs with friendly, feel-good tastes – rich with savvy super foods and positively packed with cutting-edge culinary cleverness.

It’s home-cooked deliciousness to leave your tastebuds dancing – served up with crisp, clean style that deserves its place in Bondi’s evolving, foodie scene.

Lobster bisque? Chilled avocado soup? Or perhaps the signature in-house granola…

Enjoy in-house or take it home – Mr Perkins is food to suit your lifestyle.

Get more of what you deserve – served up with flavours you won’t forget.

At Mr Perkins, David believes in making great food that’s great for you.

He knows you wouldn’t want anything less.

Nutritionist – Jess RutledgeOpening soon Mr Perkins soups and porridges

Great nutrition and delicious flavours do go together.

Mr Perkins.

Jess Rutledge, from The Greenery Clinic, teamed up with Head Chef David Lee with one clear goal: to help create truly tasty, good-for-you food – the favourite flavour for today’s discerning diners.

Looking great and being healthy?

Food helps you make that happen.

And when it’s with flavours that are as fresh as they are intriguing, Jess knows the latest addition to the Bondi foodie scene will make its mark. Jess and the Mr Perkins team are proud to create a Wellness Range that aims to cleanse and revitalise.

The ultimate nutrition?

With Jess as part of the team behind the fun, friendly menu choices at Mr Perkins, it’s natural.

“We’ve been provided with some incredible fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds that not only taste great but fuel our bodies with nutrients that aid our bodies in functioning optimally,” Jess says. “Food in packets with numbers in the ingredients list belongs in a science lab – not in our bodies.”

Plant foods are superfoods.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and beans.

Wholesome wellness is easy with the uniquely-designed ‘cleanse packages’ that tantalise your tongue, while they rejuvenate your spirit.

Her favourite fruit? Crunchy, tangy green apples – a vibrant reminder of life’s simple pleasures.

And for the ultimate comfort food? Sweet potato – fried with onion and sprinkled with cinnamon.


You see, Jess knows rules are made to be broken.

And when it comes to brilliant health, Mr Perkins proves that things that are wonderfully nutritious can also be delightfully delicious.

*Mr Perkins Wellness Range coming soon!