21 June 2017


Soups made with love – to warm the heart and the soul.

Mr Perkins’ collaboration with nutrition expert Jess Rutledge offers a menu that merges nutritional needs with friendly, feel-good tastes – rich with savvy super foods and positively packed with cutting-edge culinary cleverness.

It’s home-cooked deliciousness to leave your tastebuds dancing.

Jess Rutledge, from The Greenery Clinic, teamed up with Chefs of Mr Perkins with one clear goal: to help create truly tasty, good-for-you food – the favourite flavour for today’s discerning, time poor, foodies.

Looking great and being healthy? Food helps you make that happen.

And when it’s with flavours that are as fresh as they are intriguing, Jess knows why Mr Perkins has make its mark. Jess and the Mr Perkins team are proud to create a range of recipes that aim to cleanse and revitalise, while also offering convenience to those who are time poor.

The ultimate nutrition?

With Jess as part of the team behind the fun, friendly menu choices at Mr Perkins, it’s natural.

“We’ve been provided with some incredible fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds that not only taste great but fuel our bodies with nutrients that aid our bodies in functioning optimally,” Jess says. “Food in packets with numbers in the ingredients list belongs in a science lab – not in our bodies.”

Plant foods are superfoods.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and beans.

Wholesome wellness is easy with the uniquely-designed recipes that tantalise your tongue, while they rejuvenate your spirit.

Her favourite fruit? Crunchy, tangy green apples – a vibrant reminder of life’s simple pleasures.

And for the ultimate comfort food? Sweet potato – fried with onion and sprinkled with cinnamon.


You see, Jess knows rules are made to be broken.

And when it comes to brilliant health, Mr Perkins proves that things that are wonderfully nutritious can also be delightfully delicious.